Annual membership costs per age group and/or responsibilities:

     – wolves and lobbies – MZN 60.00 (5 MZN per month);

     – Scouts and Junior Scouts/Explorers – 120.00 MZN (10 MZN per month);

     – Scouts and Senior Scouts/Pioneers – 240.00 MZN (20 MZN p/month);

     – Scouts and Walkers/Hikers  – 600,00 MZN (50 MZN p/month);

     -Scouts and Commissioners – 1200.00 MZN (100MZN per month);

Note: Orphans and members of families in which one of the oldest siblings has paid their annual fees may be exempt from annual payment provided evidence (copy of transfer performed by older sibling)

     -Masters Members of the National Council – 7,200.00 MZN or 120.00 USD